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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does a product need to have a Massachusetts product approval if a National Testing Laboratory has already approved it?

A: All products used in the Plumbing and Gasfitting Industries require Massachusetts’s approval through code regulation.

Q: If I cannot find the Manufacturer or their Model Number online does that mean it is not approved?

A: If the product you are searching for is not being displayed on the search result page than it is not approved to be used in Massachusetts.

Q: If a Manufacturer has some models approved do that mean that ALL models by this Manufacturer are approved?

A: No, only the products listed on the search results page.

Q: What is an expiration date and if a product has an expired date can it still be used?

A: The expiration date is used to keep a track of possible failures that may occur with a product during a specific period of time. Products that have an expired date can not be used.

Q: If a Manufacturer is listed on the web page does that mean that you can only use that Manufacturer’s products?

A: You can use any Manufacturers products that have been approved by the Board in Massachusetts.
Important note:
This is not an endorsement for the Manufacturer, it only implies that this Manufacturer product(s) meet Massachusetts’ Codes (more information).

Q: What are the definitions of the specific fields on the web pages available via the Approved Plumbing Products Online System?

  • Manufacturer-The name of the Company that produces products
  • Model Number-This is a number provided to the Board by the Manufacturer
  • Product/Description-This is information that is provided by the Manufacturer for the purpose of helping the consumer locate their products
  • Approval Codes-Approval Codes are numbers that are assigned by the Board to an approved product
    For example:
    G1, P1, C1 all are one-year provisional product approvals.
    G3, P3, C3 all are three-year provisional product approvals.
    Important note: Please review the expiration date of all products.

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