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Division of Professional Licensure

Fees and License Renewal Schedules for Real Estate Appraisers

By the Division of Professional Licensure

Board Code: RA
License Renewal Fees by Type Class
Fees in effect on or after January 1, 2012

License TypeRenewal
Renewal TimeRenewal
RA  CG Certified General $350.00 Birthday Biennial
(2 years)
RA  CR Certified Residential $350.00 Birthday Biennial
(2 years)
RA  LA State Licensed $350.00 Birthday Biennial
(2 years)
RA  TR Trainee $113.00 Birthday Biennial
(2 years)
RA  AP Real Estate Appraisal Program/CE $113.00 Issue Date Anniversary Biennial
(2 years)
RA  AS Real Estate Appraisal School/Primary $225.00 Issue Date Anniversary Biennial
(2 years)

The following fees apply to all Boards of Registration:

Late Renewal Fee$57per license renewal (Fee is in addition to renewal fee if renewal is received beyond license expiration date).
Certified Statement of Registration$15per licensee
Duplicate License$17per license
Name Change$27per license
Wall Certificate$27per certificate
Duplicate Wall Certificate of Registration$27per certificate
Handling Charge for Returned Checks$23per check
Public Information CD-ROM$30per item in the form
EPAY Online Payment Return Fee$23per returned transaction, including returns for insufficient funds, wrong account number, etc.