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This search engine is being decommissioned and the data is being transferred to a new Online System . As of Saturday December 10th, searches made on this search engine will no longer be valid.

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Plumbing Gas Gas/Plumbing Combination*

Kraus USA Plumbing, LLC.

- * Gas/Plumbing Combination indicates a product which contains both plumbing and gas: example Gas Fired Water Heaters.
- Online Plumbing Products System of the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters is based on partial text search. Therefore, it is not necessary to enter the full search text.
- Since our database contains over 100,000 products, enter as much information as possible to improve the search efficiency. If your product is not in the result set, please refine your search criteria.
- If you have questions regarding our Accepted Plumbing Products Online System, please visit our FAQs web page or contact the Board.

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