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Division of Professional Licensure

Board of Electricians, Fire Warning and Security Systems Installers: Board Members

By the Division of Professional Licensure

KATHLEEN E.  GUINEE , Systems Technician, Chair

JOHN A.  BAGNI , Vocational-Technical Electrical Educator, Member

DANIEL C.  CAHILL , Electrical Contractor, Member

JAMES   COLLEARY , Wire Inspector, Member


THOMAS J.  CUNNINGHAM  JR. , Master Electrician, Member

ELLEN   DORIAN , Public Member

BRENDAN E.  DRISCOLL , Journeyman Electrician, Member

DAVID   EDMONDS , DOE Designee, Member

PAUL J.  MALAGRIFA , International Municipal Signal Association, Member

PAUL A.  VIGNEAU , Fire Marshal Designee, Member

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